The relative silence that often surrounds John Lucas ‘20 is never to be confused as reluctance, but rather an acute efficiency.

Whether meeting the demands of rigorous college preparatory curriculum, or impacting Eagle Rugby, or sharing the virtues of Catholic Basilian education as an emphatic Eagle Ambassador, Lucas reflects on his four years of sacrifice and purpose to find a certain solace. Even with the conclusion grappling with the nation’s unprecedented challenge of COVID-19.

“The pandemic obviously sliced short our senior year in a way that was less than ideal,” Lucas says. “But in the end, there is so much to be grateful for. I’ve looked at what this time (at St. Thomas) has given me rather than an end that was not quite complete.”

Lucas admittedly arrived as a freshman from St. Helen Catholic School in Pearland with wide-eyed expectations common within the Class of 2020. “I think we all walked in that first day thinking we’re the next big thing, in the classroom or on the field or within the popular social set. Then you realize that all that sort of prestige doesn’t mean much and start to mellow down … settle in … and find your place.”

For Lucas, that comfort zone was exploring with enthusiasm and optimism the depth of his scholar experience. He smoothly connected within the St. Thomas value system that fortifies the complete student. His high levels of achievement and distinction were derived through intent and execution, a vibrant tempo both technically and tactically.

And in a time of roaring uncertainty and upheaval seemingly at every click or turn, Lucas speaks with the calm sound of stability.

“The spring break mission trips (to Honduras) opened a great awareness within me,” Lucas says. “My role with rugby may have been the highlight. Coach (Brett) Mills and coach (Jim) Wolfinger drove us hard, in practice and in games. But I always sensed that the motives were more than winning results, that the involvement would translate (favorably) for me moving forward.”

With a maturity to match this motivation, Lucas will attend the University of Texas at Arlington under the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) with designs after his freshman year to enroll at The University of Texas at Austin, the system’s flagship university. “My hope is to double major in political science and psychology. My dream job is to one day work for the FBI. Perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch, but the plan right now is to be ambitious.”

And when Lucas participates during the commencement celebration June 12, his return to campus won’t merely be a stop on the way to somewhere else.

“The friends that I made at St. Thomas will be in my wedding. I’m confident in saying that. I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything.”

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