20 in ’20 | The Most Impactful Identities Among St. Thomas Alumni Since 2010 | Fourth and Final in a Series

How do we remember our contributors? Some leave indelible impressions through tenure over years or even decades, thereby becoming part of an institution’s fabric through their dependable presence. Others shine brightly, creating unforgettable memories regardless of their longevity. Others still permeate our consciousness for their role as selfless facilitators, whether lifting colleagues or the community [...]

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#TBT 2018 || Grand Houston Homecoming for Jordan Craig ’07 | National Tour Debut in ‘Phantom of the Opera’

This story was originally published in November 2018. There are forever bright new stars bursting on the Broadway and Hollywood scenes interpreting iconic roles, only to soon vanish from sight, seemingly cast in a meteor shower radiating from one point in the night sky, yet with a descent as rapid as the rise, never reaching [...]

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Meet Exceptional St. Thomas Alumni – Driven, Benevolent, Enlightened

For more than a century, select St. Thomas alumni have achieved a level of excellence within their chosen fields or professions and have brought extraordinary benefit to the school and their communities. Meet many of our significant achievers who exemplify the spirit of service that students cultivate while at St. Thomas, and some of those [...]

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