Step Up Study Skills Summer Program for Rising 9th Graders | Propelling Future St. Thomas Success

St. Thomas continues its active response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic as educators and students adjust to the ripple effect of the novel coronavirus. The Remote Learning Program concluded the 2020 academic year. Multiple summer options will also be moving to a virtual format, including a specialized curriculum designed specifically for incoming freshmen making the [...]

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20 in ’20 | The Most Impactful Identities of St. Thomas Academics and Development Since 2010 | Fourth and Final in Series

How do we remember our contributors? Some leave indelible impressions through tenure over years or even decades, thereby becoming part of an institution’s fabric through their dependable presence. Others shine brightly, creating unforgettable memories regardless of their longevity. Others still permeate our consciousness for their role as selfless facilitators, whether lifting colleagues or the community [...]

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Going 10 Rounds with Dean of Students Rod Takacs

St. Thomas Dean of Students Rod Takacs tackles a speed round of questions. As the highest ranking Lord of Discipline (in complete accord with goodness and knowledge), what’s the most outrageously creative albeit untruthful excuse/alibi that sparked your internal bemusement from a guilty party trying in vain to avoid inevitable wrath? "This has actually happened [...]

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