20 in ’20 | The Most Impactful Identities of St. Thomas Academics and Development Since 2010 | Third in Series

How do we remember our contributors? Some leave indelible impressions through tenure over years or even decades, thereby becoming part of an institution’s fabric through their dependable presence. Others shine brightly, creating unforgettable memories regardless of their longevity. Others still permeate our consciousness for their role as selfless facilitators, whether lifting colleagues or the community [...]

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Camp Aquinas Instills the Life Lessons of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge

For generations of scholars, the authentic St. Thomas experience has delivered a demanding curriculum that prepares students for college and a nurturing environment that prepares for life beyond. The one-year-old Eagle house system was designed to provide a deeply positive impact on student intellectual engagement and well-being. The introduction for the Class of 2023 came [...]

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Camp Aquinas Debuts for Incoming Eagle Freshmen to Promote St. Thomas Brotherhood

Grow as many, unite as one. Understanding that the current student generation is inundated daily ... academically, socially, personally and spiritually ... with untold pressures and challenges ... St. Thomas has developed a five-day orientation program for incoming freshmen during the first week of the academic year that infuses the traditions and values of the [...]

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