#TBT St. Thomas Presents ‘West Side Story’ | A Pulsating Performance that Packed a Punch as Well as the House

This story was originally published in April 2016. A landmark musical show written in the 1950s, based on a play from the 16th century, with overtones as fresh and familiar as new millennium headlines - the cautionary tale of intolerance breeding hostility that erupts into tragedy. And the St. Thomas spring production of West Side [...]

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St. Thomas Drama Brings Powerful ‘Frankenstein’ to Cemo Auditorium Stage

For the St. Thomas Fall production of Frankenstein, director Dan Green flushed both schlock and satire, opting instead for an intelligent and trenchantly faithful adaptation of Mary Shelley's archetypal monster novel of 1818 that launched a terror genre. As the spookiest of holidays approached, audiences encountered neither Boris (Karloff) nor (Peter) Boyle. No bolt-necked galoot. Forget [...]

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It’s ‘Curtains’ – St.Thomas Spring Musical Rises Through the Roof for Rollicking Good Fun

The St. Thomas spring musical unleashed a killer comedy complete with brass and sass showcasing a bevy of theatrical talents and illuminating backstage expertise. Curtains premiered in March on the Cemo Auditorium stage, the breezy Tony-award nominated murder-mystery whodunit from 2007 Broadway, the last big show created by John Kander (composer) and Fred Ebb (lyricist), [...]

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Robertson ’18 Adds to Surging Acting Career in HITS ‘Sweeney Todd’

To commemorate his 50th appearance in a quick stage career already smart, accomplished and occasionally quirky, Parker Robertson ‘18 decided to submerge into something convincingly cruel and deliciously sinister ... dripping in dark revenge, tragedy with heartbreak ... all threaded by horror and coal-black humor. Unrelenting grisliness. Just for giggles. Robertson stepped out front and [...]

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