Lynch ’94 and St. Thomas Science Host Modeling Instruction Workshop

St. Thomas physics instructor Mike Lynch '94 never fully expected that a series of summer excursions would lead him to occupy a self-imposed academic island of sorts, never to be confused with the Bermuda or Barbados. Lynch was first exposed and then inspired by an enlightening sequence of career development workshops at Columbia University which [...]

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Charismatic Timothy Cardinal Dolan Brings Captivating Spirit to St. Thomas

The message igniting the 117th St. Thomas commencement celebration aroused familiar time-honored values instilled by the founding Basilian Fathers more than a century ago. Divine connection ... character-defining moments ... morals never to be swayed by convenience or expediency. But the first-time messenger brought a breakthrough penetrating presence rarely seen on this campus, both commanding [...]

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Camp GDK Impacts Basilian Culture on Incoming Eagle Freshmen

A host of incoming Eagle freshmen didn’t wait until the official start to their high school experience to discover that the words Teach Me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge are so much more than a mere motto, but in fact a way of St. Thomas life. Camp GDK returned as a dynamic two-day leadership and character [...]

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Eagle Football Hosts Nationally Acclaim Whitfield Quarterback Academy

The quarterback whisperer turned roving roaring celebrity ... tutoring some of the most pulsating players and personalities gripping sport’s most exacting position ... landed his traveling quarterback camp at Granger Stadium ... a tour touching hotbeds of promising talent from coast to coast. He preached an inspiring sermon of poise and composure under suffocating pressure [...]

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Fine Arts Dean Nebel and Bear Brothers Connect Through State Championships

In 2008 fine arts dean Mike Nebel was settling into his first academic year at St. Thomas and was often interrupted by the metronome sounds reverberating from outside his second story lab that overlooks the home of Eagle Baseball. A constant thud ... thud ... thud bellowing from below. A precocious youngster swatting a tennis [...]

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Texans President Rootes and Celebrity Chef Caswell ’91 Embrace St. Thomas Mission

Before becoming the president of the Houston Texans ... and the vice-chair of the Host Committee for the recent Super Bowl 51 hosted at NRG Stadium ... and receiving the 2016 Houston Business Journal Business Person of the Year ... and becoming the 2016 chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership, whose board consists of 130 [...]

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