Uproaring Round Up || Relentless Eagles Raise More Than $670K for Tuition Assistance

Underlying yet another outrageously robust Round Up triumph is a recurring theme that sparks, then ignites a passion within the St. Thomas student body. The inscription would read A little bit more. A little bit more as it relates to embracing purpose and allegiance, sacrifice and selfless gratitude, tradition and legacy. A little bit more [...]

Round Up 2021 || Historic Effort in Year Unlike Any Other

The resilient St. Thomas Class of 2021 united for exactly this seismic moment: The record. The joys. The triumph amid on-going national uncertainty. They remained relentlessly committed to finish in the same monumental manner as they had started. The seniors began their Round Up careers learning the essential lessons from those students who preceded them, [...]

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Round Up 2020 | Resonate Essence Greater Than Scholars Raising $525K for Tuition Assistance

Pause if the resounding Round Up refrain sounds more than familiar. Riveted scholars rack another outrageous total in raffle ticket sales - $525,370. Crashing the half-million-dollar mark for the fourth consecutive year. Raising a raucous seven-year sales spike to more than $3.6 million. Yes, $3.6 million. All proceeds benefiting St. Thomas tuition assistance. Eagles rallying [...]

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GALLERY | Round Up 2020 Celebrates St. Thomas Basilian Values

The St. Thomas Basilian Fathers and stakeholders extend their deepest appreciation to all in the extended Eagle community for again making our Round Up celebration a student fundraising event unmatched anywhere in the United States, generating more than $525 million for St. Thomas tuition assistance and more than $3.6 million since 2014. Eagles caring for [...]

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Rip-Roaring Round-Up Results Rake $525K and Fuel 92nd Celebration

The news floated through and beyond Granger Stadium, absorbed by a group of St. Thomas students and community members who viewed the information with their eyes, shared it on iPhones, repeated it aloud with their voices, barely believing it with their ears. “Seriously?” was the chorus singing to the verse when the latest raucous Round-Up [...]

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Late Sales Surge Ignites Another Record-Setting Round-Up Celebration

When it comes to Round-Up ... Eagle scholars have long mastered their ABC’s. Always. Be. Closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. For the third consecutive year, the like-minded and aspirant harnessed a collective and aggressive late surge to ignite an outburst of raffle ticket sales which generated a Glengarry-esque frantic Friday finish that would have had Ricky [...]

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Another Record-Smashing Round-Up – More than $581,000 for Tuition Assistance

Round-Up ... where conventional wisdom and rational reason need not apply ... where the beats just keep getting bigger, better and more robust ... for the 14th consecutive year. Round-Up ... where the kids routinely crank out a King Kong encore bordering on the absurd ... where the student driven fundraiser remains unmatched anywhere in the [...]

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