Athletics at St. Thomas High school has a tradition of excellence, which strives to succeed on the field of competition and in the development of student character and faith.

For generations the mission of Eagle Athletics is for our student-athletes to learn the valuable lessons of dedication, loyalty and discipline yielding much more than just performance outcomes in their sport, but to compete and grow through life-building skills including teamwork, camaraderie, discipline, respect and diligence.

St. Thomas offers 12 sports with multiple team levels while competing in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial School (TAPPS), capturing 18 state championships since 2012 including the 2016 track and field crown for the milestone 100th state title in school’s rich and storied history.


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# Name Pos B/T Year
2 Carter Nowak Utility R/R Sr
3 Hudson Vann 2B R/R Jr
4 Geurin Houston SS R/R Sr
5 Basilio Williams OF/P R/R Jr
6 Jaxon Lanclos SS/P R/R Jr
7 Anthony Borja 2B/3B R/R Jr
8 Knox Vacek C R/R Sr
9 Donte Lewis 3B/P R/R Sr
10 Owen Hartley OF R/R Sr
11 Jaden Deshautelle OF L/R Sr
14 Evan Wisnoski Util/P R/R Jr
15 Luke Jamieson RHP R/R Sr
16 Jake Baskin OF/C R/R Jr
17 Jason Hawthorne OF R/R Sr
18 Jackson Ambrose C R/R Jr
19 Hayden Murphy LHP L/L Jr
20 Billy Theroux 3B/P R/R Sr
21 Braden Comstock P/1B R/R So
22 Gavin Ernst P/1B L/R Sr
23 Caleb Kimble OF/P R/R Jr
24 Ricardo Requena 1B R/R Sr
25 Luke Edgecomb OF R/R Sr
27 Liam Brown P R/R Sr

PRESIDENT: Fr. James Murphy
PRINCIPAL: Dr. Aaron Dominguez
HEAD COACH: Adam Massiatte
ASST. COACH: Kirk Jankowski
HEAD TRAINER: Chris Valdez

# Name Year
2 Anthony Hill Jr
3 Khris Fuentes Fr
5 Web Lewis Fr
6 Reid Houston Fr
7 Wyatt Baskin Fr
8 Tyler Veillion So
10 Jack Zaunbrecher Jr
11 Aeden McDaniels Jr
14 Braxton Mandella Fr
16 Luke Summerville Jr
18 Gabe Graham So
19 Jay Marcantel So
20 Will King So
21 Abner DeAnda So
22 Jackson Ryals So
23 Russell Johnston Jr
26 Henry Beck Fr
27 Dominic Pizzatola Fr
33 John Murray Christiansen So
34 Isa Garcia Fr
35 Will Bryant So
36 Emery Ehring So
40 Dean Toups Jr
44 Hunter Sage Fr
45 Gregory Pearson Jr
# Name Year
2 Cockrell Starks Fr
3 Davila Dominic So
4 Skelton Hudson So
5 Gentle Jake Fr
6 Fowler Patrick Fr
7 Vasquez Juan Fr
8 Ruch Travis Fr
9 Sobba Harris Fr
10 Clinton William Fr
11 Granger Alex Fr
13 Petershagen Andrew So
14 Orr Luke So
15 Hatten William So
16 Salyers Gabe So
17 Irishkov Paul Fr
19 Dennard Holston Fr
20 Brewer Brady Fr
21 Winfrey William Fr
22 Stewart Myles Fr
23 Diamond Charlie So
25 Daily Patrick So
32 Roddy Heldner Fr
35 Hartley Ryan Fr
44 McKirahan Hunter Fr
Manager Lyons Wick Fr

2024 St. Thomas Sophomore
Baseball Round-Up

All Turf Field: No Metal Spikes, No Gum, No Seeds, No Peanuts, No Colored Sports Drinks on the Turf.
Site Location:
All games to be played at (New) Father Wilson Field on the campus of St. Thomas High School.
4500 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77007. Phone (713) 864-6348
Tournament Directors:
Adam Massiatte – Assistant Athletic Director, St. Thomas H.S. / mobile: (713) 598-3230
Mike Netzel – (On-Site) Head Athletic Director, STH / mobile: (713) 385-4254
All decisions rendered by tournament umpires and director are final


Entry Fee = $325:
Make checks payable to St. Thomas Athletic Department

Each team to provide baseballs for each game as needed (Diamond D1 Pro)

Game Time Limits:
Thursday – 2:00
Friday – 2:00
Saturday – 2:00

Mercy Rule:
8 run rule after 4 ½ or 5 innings / 10 run after 4 innings / 15 run rule after 2 ½ or 3 innings

Home Team:
Determined by coin flip prior to each game. St. Thomas will be home team in its games, and occupy the 3rd Base Dugout

Teams Entered:
St. Thomas       Waltrip              Concordia Lutheran
St. Pius X         Oak Ridge
Milby                Deer Park

Thursday, February 22
10:00 AM – Oak Ridge vs. Waltrip
12:30 PM – Milby vs. St. Pius X
3:00 PM – Waltrip vs. Concordia
5:30 PM – Deer Park vs. St. Thomas
Friday, February 23
10:00 AM – Deer Park vs. Waltrip
12:30 PM – St. Pius X vs. Oak Ridge
3:00 PM – Concordia vs. Milby
5:30 PM – Milby vs St. Thomas
Saturday, February 24

10:00 AM – St. Pius X vs. Deer Park
12:30 PM – Oak Ridge vs. St. Thomas
3:00 PM – Concordia vs. St. Thomas


  • GCM
  • Dawson
  • Friendswood
  • Dayton
  • Lee
  • Galena Park
  • St.Thomas
  • Kingwood Park
  • Sterling
  • Concordia Lutheran

Thursday @ GCM
10:00 AM – GCM vs Sterling
12:00 PM – Sterling vs Dawson
2:00 PM – Dawson vs St.Thomas
4:00 PM – Dayton vs St.Thomas
6:00 PM – Dayton vs GCM

Friday @ GCM
10:00 AM – GP vs GCM
12:00 PM – GP vs Dayton
2:00 PM – Dayton vs Friendswood
4:00 PM – Friendswood vs St.Thomas
6:00 PM – St. Thomas vs GCM

Thursday @ Lee
10:00 AM – Lee vs GP
12:00 PM – GP vs Fwood
2:00 PM – Fwood vs Kingwood Park
4:00 PM – Kingwood Park vs Con. Luth
6:00 PM – Con. Luth vs Lee

Friday @ Lee
10:00 AM – Lee vs Sterling
12:00 PM – Sterling vs Con. Luth
2:00 PM – Con. Luth vs Dawson
4:00 PM – Dawson vs Kingwood Park
6:00 PM – Kingwood Park vs Lee

Guidelines: Cost is $200 or $150 if you are in the Houston are athletic agreement and 1 dozen balls.
Check and mailing information can be found on the bottom.


  • 1:45 time limit or 7 innings. No new inning will start after 1:45
  • Home team will provide official scorebook.
  • Run rule 15 after 5,12 after 4,10 after 5 fter 3,12 after 4,10 after 5

Field Location: GCM is located at 6001 E. Wallisville Rd in Baytown, Tx 77521
Feel free to call or email me.

Make check payable and mail to:
GCCISD Athletics
PO Box 30
Baytown, TX 77522

Hosted by St. Thomas High School & St. Pius X High School

Coaches, athletes, umpires, families and fans,

Welcome to the 2024 Father Wilson/Sister Julia Baseball Tournament! This is our 38th year hosting the event, which honors two of our schools’ greatest baseball ambassadors, Father James Wilson C.S.B. and Sister Julia Bielamowicz O.P. Our 9 teams field features some of the top private school programs and rising public school programs in the Houston Area, It should make for 3 days of great baseball!

Thanks to all of the parents and boosters from St. Thomas and St. Pius X for all of their hard work in helping to create a great event year after year and special thanks to all of our participating schools for joining us in celebrating the memory of Father Wilson and Sister Julia through a weekend of baseball. Finally, we will be adding an additional field to help accommodate Houston Christian with some home field competition and make for closing all campuses earlier than normal.

Welcome and Good luck!!

Adam Massiatte
Head Baseball Coach
St. Thomas High School

Mike Evans
Head Baseball Coach
St. Pius X High School

Tournament Rules

Tournament Directors:
Adam Massiatte – St. Thomas / mobile: (713) 598-3230
Mike Evans – St. Pius X / mobile: (713) 553-5414

All decisions rendered by tournament umpires and directors are final


Team Entry Fee = $450: Pay to school listed below.

Site A Teams make checks payable to:
St. Thomas H.S.
c/o Baseball
4500 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77007

  • Waltrip
  • Archbishop Rummel
  • Mansfield Knights

Site B Teams make checks payable to:
St. Pius X H.S.
811 W. Donovan St.
Houston, TX 77018

  • John Cooper
  • Cypress Christian
  • Bay Area Christian

Site C:  No fees to play here, just an additional field….Houston Christian BBUSA will pay for umpires at their field.

Gate Fees:  No Gate Entry Fees, we have added the gate fees to the overall tournament Team Entry.

Baseballs: Each team to provide baseballs for each game as needed (Diamond D1 Pro or similar NFHS Approved Ball)

Game Time Limits: 2Hrs 30Mins

Mercy Rule:
8 run rule after 5 innings / 10 run after 4innings / 15 run rule after 2 ½ or 3 innings.

Home Team:
Determined by coin flip prior to each game
Host Teams will be Home and will reside in their normal dugouts

Thursday, Feb. 29

Site A – Games @ St. Thomas High School
11:00 AM – Archbishop Rummel vs. Waltrip – Waltrip will be traveling to BBUSA
2:00 PM – Archbishop Rummel vs. St. Thomas

Site B – Games @ St. Pius X High School
4:00 PM – St. Pius X vs. John Cooper

Site C – Games @ Houston Christian BBUSA
4:00 PM – Waltrip vs. Houston Christian

Friday, March 1

Site A – Games @ St. Thomas High School
10:00 AM – Waltrip vs John Cooper – John Cooper will travel to BBUSA for a 3pm
1:00 PM – St. Thomas vs Waltrip

Site B – Games @ St. Pius X High School
11:00 AM – Archbishop Rummel vs Cypress Christian
2:00 PM – St. Pius X vs. Archbishop Rummel
5:00 PM – St. Pius X vs. Cypress Christian

Site C – Games @ Houston Christian BBUSA
12:00 PM – Houston Christian vs Bay Area Christian
3:00 PM – Mansfield Knights vs. John Cooper
6:00 PM – Houston Christian vs. Mansfield Knights

Saturday, March 2

Site A – Games @ St. Thomas High School 
9:00 AM – Cypress Christian vs. Houston Christian
12:00 PM – Cypress Christian vs. St. Thomas
3:00 PM – Mansfield Knights vs. St. Thomas
6:00 PM – John Cooper vs. St. Thomas

Site B – Games @ St. Pius X High School
11:00 AM – Mansfield Knights vs. Bay Area Christian
2:00 PM – Bay Area Christian vs. St. Pius

Friday, March 10
9:00 AM – Barbers Hill vs St. Thomas
11:00 AM – La Porte vs St. Thomas
1:00 PM – Barbers Hill vs North Shore
3:00 PM – Alvin vs North Shore
5:00 PM – La Porte vs Alvin

Saturday, March 11
9:00 AM – North Shore vs St. Thomas
11:00 AM – La Porte vs North Shore
1:00 PM – St. Thomas vs Alvin
3:00 PM – Alvin vs Barbers Hill
5:00 PM – La Porte vs Barbers Hill

La Porte JV BASEBALL Round Robin RULES

  • NO SPIKES_GUM_SEEDS ALLOWED Only molded or turf shoes please.
  • Each team will supply 3 game balls to the umpire before the start of their game.
  • Each team is responsible for retrieving foul balls on their side of the field.
  • There will be a 1:45 minute time limit on all games. Home team determined by coin toss. LP will be home all 4 games.
  • Games that are tied at the end of 7 innings or when time expires will counted as a tie.
  • There will be no pre-game infield.
  • The home team will keep the official scorebook.
  • A 12 run rule will be in effect after 4 innings and a 10 run rule will be in effect after 5 innings, 8 runs after 6.

Teams in Greater Houston that participate in the entry fee agreement:
Please Send $150 Payment for tournament to:
LPISD Athletics Monica McConnell
301 E. Fairmont
La Porte Texas 77571

Others not in the agreement pay $175

Adam Massiatte
Varsity Head Baseball Coach

Kirk Jankowski
Assistant Baseball Coach/Varsity

Jeff McCurry
Volunteer Pitching Coach/Varsity 

Nolan Lundholm
Sophomore Head Coach

Austin Cardens
Junior Varsity Head Coach

Chris Valdez
Athletic Trainer
Chris.Valdez@sths.org | (713) 864-6348 ext:178

Consecutive TAPPS All-Sports Awards earned through on-field performance
Eagles continuing their athletic careers in college since 2008
Students participating as athletes, managers, videographers or trainers
State titles in various sports won by STH since 1900