Athletics at St. Thomas High school has a tradition of excellence, which strives to succeed on the field of competition and in the development of student character and faith.

For generations the mission of Eagle Athletics is for our student-athletes to learn the valuable lessons of dedication, loyalty and discipline yielding much more than just performance outcomes in their sport, but to compete and grow through life-building skills including teamwork, camaraderie, discipline, respect and diligence.

St. Thomas offers 12 sports with multiple team levels while competing in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial School (TAPPS), capturing 18 state championships since 2012 including the 2016 track and field crown for the milestone 100th state title in school’s rich and storied history.


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First Name Last Name Position Grade
Matthew Alff wing 11
Ben Brown flanker 12
Oliver Brown FB/FH 11
Peter Bryant Lock 10
Luke Burke center 11
Ben Burch flanker 12
Sam Cornell flyhalf/FB 12
Max Dagley prop/lock 12
Jacob Davidson Prop/lock 10
Taylor DeJarnette flanker/center 11
Sean Donovan flanker 12
Tommy Erb Center/FH 12
AJ Green flyhalf/FB 9
Rocco Hill wing/FB 12
Bailey Holub hooker 9
John Jardine Hooker 11
Ben Kinsel Scrum half 11
Berhane Linbeck Wing 10
Carter Long lock 11
Jacob Michael p/hooker © 12
Matthew Michael Prop/film 10
Ted Naeher lock/flanker 12
Mitch Onufro SH 12
Jack Reid flanker 10
Jonathan Ridley Wing 12
James Rodriguez Wing 12
Alejandro Saenz Wing 12
Michael Staron center 12
Matthew Villafranca prop 12
William Willcutt lock 9
Xander Young wing/FB 9
Julian Winstone flanker 11

President, Fr. James Murphy
Principal, Dr. Aaron Dominguez
Athletic Director, Mike Netzel
Director of Rugby, James Wolfinger
Head Coach, Brett Mills
Assistant Coach, Miles Cutchin
Assistant Coach, Conor Mills

First Name Last Name Position Grade
David Anderson back 11
Boquist Ryan back 9
Matthew Brolan back 9
Michael DeJesus back 10
AJ Green back 9
Cameron Hall back 11
Bailey Holub Hooker 9
John Jardine P/h 11
Ben Kinsel back 11
Victor Manzano back 9
Logan Martinez Forward 9
Michael Matthew p/L 10
Niko Nakaidze back 9
Jacob Ramos Prop 9
Jack Reid forward 10
Alejandro Saenz back 12
Ryley Sauvinet forward 9
Jake Smith back 9
Jack Wibblesman forward 9
William Willcutt forward 9
Nicholas Zakarevicz utility 10
President, Fr. James Murphy
Principal, Dr. Aaron Dominguez
Athletic Director, Mike Netzel
Director of Rugby, James Wolfinger
Head Coach, Brett Mills
Assistant Coach, Tommy Locke
Assistant Coach, Sam Windsor

James Wolfinger
Directory of Rugby
James.Wolfinger@sths.org | (713) 864-6348 ext. 206; cell: (713) 823-1901

Brett Mills
Head Rugby Coach
Brett.Mills@sths.org | (713) 864-6348 ext:165; cell: (713) 703-0834

Miles Cutchin
Rugby Coach

Conor Mills ’09
Assistant Rugby Coach

Chris Valdez
Athletic Trainer
Chris.Valdez@sths.org | (713) 864-6348 ext:178

Consecutive TAPPS All-Sports Awards earned through on-field performance
Eagles continuing their athletic careers in college since 2008
Students participating as athletes, managers, videographers or trainers
State titles in various sports won by STH since 1900