How do we remember our contributors?

Some leave indelible impressions through tenure over years or even decades, thereby becoming part of an institution’s fabric through their dependable presence. Others shine brightly, creating unforgettable memories regardless of their longevity. Others still permeate our consciousness for their role as selfless facilitators, whether lifting colleagues or the community at large.

A rare few check off each box. One way or another, though, our stakeholders make an impact. And this is the genesis of the series we’re continuing in February.

20 in ’20 celebrates the most moving measures and moments, agents and participants within and beyond our campus community who represent the totality of the St. Thomas mission since 2010. Twenty stirring examples each within Eagle academics and development, athletics, and alumni.

Enduring. Dynamic. Inspirational. Invaluable.

This is the third in a series.

Brendan Cahill ‘81
Ordained in 1990, Fr. Cahill has regularly rejoiced in his returns to St. Thomas as celebrant, joined the first time by more than 50 fellow Eagle alumni priests.  But an intimate gathering of select friends and the St. Thomas Basilian Fathers in the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel in June 2015 packed particular impact for Fr. Cahill. It was his first Mass in the hallowed halls since being named by Pope Francis as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria, Texas.


Rick Apolskis ‘85
He once stalked the high school gridworld with the most mean of intentions. His celebrated bounce back to the beloved birthplace of his career wasn’t to bask in individual acclaim but to share in a communal celebration of spirit and brotherhood.  In April 2017 Apolskis was again familiar with the St. Thomas terra firma, among the latest Eagle luminaries gathered to be formally enshrined in the school’s prestigious Sports Hall of Fame.


Tom Horan ‘62
Houston’s Mr. Irish emeritus passed in 2018 leaving a rich life filled with endless joy and his quicksilver spirit. A vibrant restaurateur and public relations savant. A fearless community leader and ferocious fundraiser for causes near and dear. A Good Man of St. Thomas to the depths of his soul.


Ross McLauchlan ‘07
Survived a nightmarish automobile accident as a St. Thomas undergraduate and founded The Austin Winery in 2014. The president and CEO readily rattles the staying power of his Eagle experience which instilled integrity, accountability, and active citizenship with a compassion for social justice – all buttressed by Catholic values and the Basilian virtues of goodness, discipline, and knowledge.


Francisco (Paco) Magsaysay ’86
He found himself in the midst of a freezing frenzy beyond his hottest and wildest imagination. In roughly a decade his Carmen’s Best artisanal ice cream brand is setting the standard while sweeping his native Philippines from supermarkets to stand-alone kiosks throughout metro Manila.

Who doesn’t scream for ice cream?


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The 20 in ’20 showcase continues throughout February.

Catholic. Basilian. Teaching Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge since 1900.