Clay Culture || Francisco Llamosa ‘21 and Roman Ochoa ‘21 Earn National Acclaim in Ceramic Art

Francisco Llamosa ‘21 and Roman Ochoa ‘21 are the latest scholar-artists to extend St. Thomas’ distinguished history as a center of ceramic art innovation and education. Both earned recognition this spring for the 24th Annual National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, and for the fifth consecutive year St. Thomas emerged for significant acclaim within the showcase event. [...]

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Clay Culture | Travis Froboese ’20 Earns Breakthrough National Acclaim in Ceramic Arts

The mission of St. Thomas Fine Arts is to create a curiosity for scholars to explore their intuitive talents, navigate their inquisitive journeys, and express themselves while possibly gaining national recognition. One of the most complete and diverse programs in Texas is shepherd by faculty member Mike Nebel. And the next breakthrough example extending the [...]

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20 in ’20 | The Most Impactful Identities of St. Thomas Academics and Development Since 2010 | Third in Series

How do we remember our contributors? Some leave indelible impressions through tenure over years or even decades, thereby becoming part of an institution’s fabric through their dependable presence. Others shine brightly, creating unforgettable memories regardless of their longevity. Others still permeate our consciousness for their role as selfless facilitators, whether lifting colleagues or the community [...]

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Award-Winning Scholar-Artist Castillo ’19 Accepted into New York University

William Castillo ‘19, one of the most acclaimed scholar-artists in recent St. Thomas history, has been accepted to study studio art in the renown Steinhardt School at New York University. “The opportunity to experience one of the great cities in the world and the rigors of the NYU curriculum is a dream come true,” Castillo [...]

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Twelve Eagle Scholar-Artists Earn Regional and National Acclaim

In the uber creative world within St. Thomas Fine Arts, expectations are ever-present, the standard long ago elevated to supreme heights.  Successes are measured most by a student’s continuous critical and intuitive dialog with the work to gain increased self-knowledge and inventive growth. A model program in peak prowess remains committed to persistence and promise [...]

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More than Two Dozen Eagle Artists Celebrate National Scholastic and K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Acclaim

For more than a decade, Fine Arts Dean Mike Nebel has fostered much more than a simple appreciation for the ceramic arts within his seniors only curriculum. He’s orchestrated a seismic shift for the program, providing a rigorous yet supportive environment that relies on persistent curiosity and due diligence, exposing students to a wide range [...]

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Fine Arts Dean Nebel and Bear Brothers Connect Through State Championships

In 2008 fine arts dean Mike Nebel was settling into his first academic year at St. Thomas and was often interrupted by the metronome sounds reverberating from outside his second story lab that overlooks the home of Eagle Baseball. A constant thud ... thud ... thud bellowing from below. A precocious youngster swatting a tennis [...]

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Five Eagle Artists Honored by National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition

Fine Arts dean Mike Nebel is accustomed but never complacent to his students earning national distinction for artwork juried among the premier competitions in the United States. Nebels owns deep respect for the due diligence and creative process, encouraging and empowering motivated artists to engage in visual storytelling as the primary inspiration, with opportunities for increased [...]

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Castillo ’19 Receives Breakthrough Acclaim at National Scholastic Art Competition

To the St. Thomas faculty and his tight Eagle inner circle, William Castillo ‘19 never revealed a hint that underneath his unassuming persona laid a percolating artistic talent as deep as it was anonymous. Until a casual hallway encounter uncovered his volcanic gifts to the world. A self-taught visual performer with only one fundamental course [...]

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Eagle Artists Again Excel at National Scholastic Regional Competition

The Fine Arts Department at St. Thomas has consistently embraced the opportunity to broaden the creative horizons and foster the confidence of Eagle students while giving them the opportunity to showcase their craft beyond the classroom. Nine Eagles captured acclaim at the National Scholastic Regional Art Competition sponsored by Harris County Department of Education, the [...]

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